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Major news! We got a new gym! 


Hey - It’s K E Y A I R A, 


Join me on my quest to raise $3,000 by the end of February! 


I’m a mother, daughter, property owner, coach & founder of my new brand PWERME Athletica! 


For the past few years you all have watched, as I worked diligently to service my community. Strength, fitness, and wellness is extremely important to me. We have continued to be a consistent space that empowers, inspires and builds strength physically, mentally and spiritually for women in our community. I started a program named "She Trains" that is offered Monday through Thursday,  and includes three different classes per day. "She Trains" provides a  one-on-one hands-on experience, in a group session. It incorporates muscular strength exercises. Each class is specific to a primary muscle group. Push, which is chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles. Pull for back and biceps,  Squat, Hinge and Carrier. 


God has truly shown me that it is my duty to empower the women around me that look like me, & to build up our community!


Pandemic: Like many others affected by this devastating virus my business has been impacted. It’s been hard out here y’all! NOW, PWERME is ready to re-launch and to take on a a place to call our own.




1.) Supply quality gym equipment such as mats, benches, squat racks, pull down machines, leg extension 

2.) Gym supples: towels, water, hygiene substances

3.) Cleaning supply: hand soap and sanitizer,  wipes

4.) Childcare services: Hire Certified Childcare Professionals

5.) Offering SCHOLARSHIPS to women in the community that can't afford training.



I NEED my community to support my #BLACKOWNEDBUSINESS and pour into PWERME’s new gym! I am aiming to raise $3,000 before the end of #Blackhistorymonth! Way too often folks don’t ask for help, but ive decided to put my pride to the side and come to my community for help. humbly and gracefully. , I need your investment so I can continue to empower women and get our spot to where it needs to be!  Anything helps! Let’s do this!

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