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Hey girl heyy!!! I want to first publicly apologize for my absence from class today and of its short notice. Some may know I’m finishing a very intense degree in mental health and as an addiction counselor so internship, my national test and testing through the Boards of a behavioral Health is running up on me fast with no brakes (which at times I’m overwhelmed about) #ImHuman I thank you ladies for being understating and supportive, it’s needed and appreciated. I miss you ladies when I’m gone and I know for most my presence is needed (coughs** coach keys) haha..I love you ladies and adore your commitments on your wellness journey. #IDoItForTheCulture ✊🏽 Love, Coach Te ( soon to be Doctor Te) LBVS “Let wErk” 💜🏋🏽‍♀️💪🏽🤪


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