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**Long but beneficial post**

Goals has to be revisited often to be adjusted or for reminders to what interventions are happening to our objectives. Or even to set new goals.

—I’ll be doing a fast this first week of February 2020 (Sunday-Saturday) by cleansing mind, body, spirit and soul. Any and all are welcome to walk this journey along side me for however long you can last.

different ways to doing a fast


  1. Eat non-dairy ice cream

  2. No breads

  3. No chocolate

  4. No candy

  5. No fast food (salad only)

  6. No sodas

  7. No cakes or cookies (only those cookies that man sales on broadway lol)

  8. No chips (only original lays)

  9. Daily fruit and veggies intake

  10. —-1a.NO MEAT optional or try at least 2/3 days


  1. Encourage you to start meal prepping more for yourself with increase in water intake and protein regimen daily , if you feel you don’t know how or don’t have the time Melissa Nielsen on IG takes orders weekly and maybe you can gain some ideas, even starting small as meal prepping snacks for the day helps..START SOMEWHERE!!

Let me know if you choose “The challenge” or “The Prep” and document the journey by posting, videos or journaling. Of course with any fast there is prayer/meditation/mantra involved. so find your tune (mine will involve sage).

“Let’s wErk” 💎💪🏽💜🏋🏽‍♀️


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