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Provides a  one-on-one hands-on experience, in a group session. It incorporates muscular strength and conditioning exercises and more. Each class is specific to a primary muscle group, to help each member target their personal physical goal. Your workouts will consist of gym equipment such as dumbbells, barbell bells, weight machines, etc and last up to 45mins to an hour.


This will be an at home workout between 45-60 minutes including the warm-up and finisher. Equipment needed: 1 set of Dumbbells & 1 lower body band. Occasionally we will use long loop bands and a Jump rope so feel free to have these handy for the workout.

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Imagine Step Aerobic Class but in 2022! Great music, and even better vibes! This is a full 1 hour cardio based class where you can burn up to 500+ calories while having fun! We will be breaking down step routines with you, and turning up to different styles of music such as ATL crunk, hip hop, and so much more! This class is now also offered  every Saturday. An aerobic step board is required, and light dumbbells and resistance bands are highly encouraged!

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