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Mother | Wife | Personal Trainer |



Keyaira Johnson was born in Chicago, Illinois but soon after moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she graduated from Patrick Henry High School. In 2010 Keyaira gave birth to her beautiful daughter. While working as a single mother, she enrolled at Minneapolis Community and Technical college in the fall of 2014. Keyaira went on to earn her Associates Degree in Human Services, as well as, becoming a certified Personal Trainer in 2018.


In 2016, after accepting the proposal of her now husband Raymond Johnson, Keyaira knew she needed to invest in a healthier lifestyle if she wanted to look great in her wedding dress. During this quest, Keyaira fell in love with fitness. She worked out with multiple trainers and felt liberated after each session. Keyaira did not want to lose this feeling so she began to educate herself in the fitness industry and what it to meant live a healthy lifestyle. As her body transformed, so did her mind and she gained an unrelenting passion for assisting others on their road to fitness. In June of 2017, Keyaira became pregnant with her son. Although preparing for the birth of her baby could’ve stunted her journey, it only caused her to work harder and smarter. After the birth of her son, Keyaira released a prenatal fitness guide for women who desire to stay fit durning their pregnancy. Keyaira’s mission is to empower each client to push beyond their comfort zone and persevere through their insecurities to unleash their full body potential.

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